The POWERUP Robot (2018)

This robot did not perform well. This was due to difficulty with measurements and CAD. When we did CAD some parts of the robot, but they were often measured incorrectly. Because of this, mechanisms like the telescope had tolerances that were too tight, causing the telescope to bind when force was not being actively exerted on it. Since the downward motion was entirely gravity driven, The telescope could move up, but would often get stuck at the top, which caused it to be unstable. We fell over several times due to this. The grabber mechanism used two rollers and the pressure from tension springs to pick up and release cubes. This mechanism never had enough tension and was not tested thoroughly before competition. We ended up adding multiple tension bands but the mechanism remains unreliable to this day.

Cube grabber in the front to pick up PowerUps


Telescoping mechanism to lift PowerUp to the high scale


Tank wheels for stable control and resistance to hits


LED strips that caused a power board failure