The STRONGHOLD Robot (2016)

Nickname Sir GlitchAlot; In our initial brainstorming sessions, we decided that our strategy needs the robot to include both the ability to climb and to shoot into the high goal. We started with 14-inch wheels but changed them to tracks because we wanted greater mobility and had great difficulty getting over a lot of the defenses.  This evolution allowed us to get over defenses more efficiently and reliably.  We started off with climber that had 2 hooks but changed to 1 because we found it was hard to consistently align both hooks to the bar. Our mechanism also had a 2 hitch lock system that stopped the robot from sliding down after the match finished.  Our shooter is the only thing that did not drastically change throughout the season. The shooter consists of a small housing with 2 spinning wheels that we use to both pickup and shoot balls. A crosshair helped us shoot accurately

Tank treads for easily climbing over rough obstacles


Extendable top arms to be able to climb the tower


A height adjustable boulder launching mechanism


A glow board with sponsors on it for fantastic imagery